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Hello there human (or curious robot 🤖) Welcome to the world's most straightforward Privacy Policy.

We Don’t Want Your Data!
While other sites are out collecting treasure troves of data, we're kinda like the opposite of pirates here. We're not interested in your gold... or your data.

What's In The Box?
We collect basic webserver data. You know, the mundane stuff. IP addresses, the date and time of your visit, and maybe which browser you're using. It's purely for security – to keep the hackers at bay.

Locked Tighter Than A Pickle Jar!
We value your privacy, and your data stays with us. Like, it literally doesn’t go anywhere. We wouldn't even know how the heck to sell it.

No Fancy Techy Stuff!
Yep, no sneaky JavaScript watching over your shoulder. Everything here is self-hosted and self-sufficient, like that tomato plant you're trying to grow.

Legalese for the Suits:
Any data we do collect is for the sole purpose of ensuring our site remains as safe as a pillow fort. We will never, ever share it, sell it.

Questions? Concerns? Just Wanna Chat?
Shoot us an email at . We're all ears (figuratively)!

Remember, by using our site, you agree to this super-duper privacy policy. If you're not cool with it, it's okay, no hard feelings – just make sure to browse elsewhere. But if you're on board, welcome to our super-private, super-awesome corner of the internet! 🚀🌌

Thanks for reading! Now, go have yourself a wonderful day.

Our Mission

At Signalblur Cyber Threat Intelligence, we are dedicated to empowering state and local organizations, as well as nonprofits, by providing cutting-edge, accessible cybersecurity solutions at low or no cost. Our commitment is to foster a safer digital environment for our communities, without compromising on affordability or excellence. Together, we'll shape a secure future for all.

Company Info

Signalblur Cyber Threat Intelligence is a cybersecurity company that delivers exceptional services and empowers organizations with accessible, cutting-edge solutions. Our founder brings years of experience from a Fortune 50 company and building Cyber Security Operations Centers.


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